Where did you go?

It’s been awhile. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t. Either way, you may be wondering — why did I stop writing? 

Fear not! I took a break from my weekly blog posts to focus on a bigger project: my first poetry novel.

Through writing my book, One Whole World: Poems from the Heart, I felt like I was finally able to synthesize my thoughts and feelings about 2018 and life, in general. As I was writing, I felt like a floodgate had been opened, and my fingers were able to find the words that I wanted to speak. 

I was inspired to start writing at the Dallas Museum of Art. I had just resigned from my job, and I had no idea what I was going to do next. I had drove to Dallas for an audition, and I decided to spend the rest of the day surrounded by masterpieces. I allowed myself the freedom to be still and observe. I had no time constraints. If I felt compelled to stay in one room or move on from another, I trusted my instincts, and I slowly meandered through the different halls — taking in what these artists had to say about the world we all live in. 

As I was outside, immersed in a statue near a reflective pool, I started typing out How long must I stare? Many more started to take form after, and as I was driving back to Austin, I kept dictating new thoughts and drafts to my Google Assistant. (Really, the only time, I’ve ever appreciated the program.) 

I’ve heard people say that writing is mostly re-writing, and they are correct. After I had ordered the poems, I kept re-reading and correcting and adding. I finally gave myself an ultimatum. You get one more time to read and review, and then we’re locking the content. (I’m not sure why I said we. Sometimes, it’s helpful to divide myself into multiple people…i.e. business Vivian, creative Vivian, analytic Vivian, etc..) I locked the content, and submitted to Amazon for approval. 

Will there be things I find later that I want to change? 


Was I using editing as a form of procrastination and hiding behind perfecting punctuation rather than putting the book out there? 

Most definitely. 

I’m going to honor my process and learn from this novel. I’m already working on several other writing projects from novels to screenplays to more poetry, and I can’t promise that this blog won’t take a backseat to other projects that I get excited about. When I can, I’ll write. When I can’t, well….until next time. 

Please check out my book on Amazon! 

Let me know what you think. I’m excited (and nervous) to share my poems with you, and I really hope that they inspire you to explore, dream, and discover. 

For a preview of the book please visit the book tab!

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