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Cheers to you and yours. I hope 2019 brings you opportunities to explore, dream, and discover! One of the discoveries that I’ve had this year is Resolutions.

You probably have a couple, and if you’re like me, you’re not great at sticking with them through the whole year. Now that we’ve commiserated and understand that we’re not alone, and that we, as a human race, are not always great at sticking to commitments, let’s talk about some things: 

While setting goals can be a great motivator, don’t let it consume you. It’s important to find a balance of rest and relaxation so that you can have the energy to pursue your dreams and enjoy new destinations. 


Did you know it takes 21 days to make a habit? That means that if you started your resolution on Day 1 of 2019, then you’re 1/3 of the way toward turning that resolution into a habit. Way to go! If you’ve ever tried to make (or break) a habit, then you also know: It’s hard! We’re used to going about our days the way we have for several years, and therefore, things won’t automatically change or get easier after a few measly days. You may forget or decide that you have something important to do, and that you just can’t today, and THAT’S OKAY. Be kind to yourself. Have patience. You’ve got an entire year to make a healthier habit so have patience and believe in yourself.


I get super excited about planners. Like SUPER excited. I bought my 2019 planner in June, and decorated it in June. If you didn’t do this, then congratulations, you are a sane person. All of this to say, I completely forgot what my planner looked like so imagine my surprise when I opened my new planner, and found all of these nifty sheets about setting goals. There’s also a spot for a vision board, and several lists about listing what you are proud of and what you are grateful for. I wandered in to 2019 going “Resolutions Shmesholutions,” but then I started playing with my planner. I started writing down what I was thankful for, and the reasons that I’m proud of myself. From there, I realized the next steps I should take to be even more proud of myself and to prioritize my time around what I’m grateful for. I went into setting my resolutions with optimism and excitement. Vivian is pretty darn cool, and I’m going to be pushing her to be even cooler in 2019.

^Vivian being SUPER cool circa 2011


Another cool thing about my planner is that it has several ways to break goals down. You have a spot for yearly goals, and then you have a spot for monthly goals, and THEN you can track your progress on a daily bubble map. (Yes. I’m type A. How did you know?) If your goal is to work out more or eat better, then try to ease yourself into it. Could you go to the gym three times a week? How about two? One? Start out with something that you know you can accomplish for January. If you set yourself up for failure, you’ll just get sad and frustrated, and it will be even harder to keep going. Let yourself celebrate the small things. If you didn’t go to the gym at all in 2018, and now you’ve gone once a week in January! You go Glen Coco! Now, let’s try for twice a week in February. No one learns how to run a marathon in a day, it takes practice, and most importantly, it takes time. You build up to it. 

In a way, a new habit, can be like running a marathon (I’ve actually never ran a marathon, but let’s keep with the metaphor.) It can be really difficult, so set achievable smaller goals to build up to your one big goal. Much like a runner starts out with a few miles, and then a few more miles, and then a few more miles. Start at the bottom of the hill, and work your way up.


Don’t just be like I’ll go to the gym at some point. What days work best for you? Do you have a prior commitment on Monday evenings? Do you have to be up early on Thursdays? Do you like to sleep in on Saturdays? Work around your own schedule. Don’t build in a new obstacle for yourself. Do you prefer to work out in the morning, at night, during lunch? Have a serious heart to heart with yourself, and lay down the ground rules. Know how many times a week you’ll work toward your goal. Know when (day and time) you’ll plan to enact that work. The devil is in the details. Also, don’t be afraid to give yourself a deadline. Deep down, we’re all procrastinators. A deadline helps light a little fire under your butt so be straight with yourself. You’ve got this. 



A resolution is never going to work out if you don’t have a reason to go after it. Have another heart to heart with yourself and ask the hard questions. Why are you doing this? What would happen if you didn’t do it? What would happen if you did? If you’re going to the gym because all of your friends said they needed to go to the gym more, then guess what, you’re probably not going to find the motivation to go to the gym that often. If you’re going to the gym because you want to run a marathon (I really don’t, but it’s just a really good example), then go to the gym like you want to run a marathon. Decide your resolution, by deciding what sets your soul on FIRE. Be honest with yourself. What do you really want to do? How do you want to spend your time? Be selfish with your goals. Because guess what: They’re YOUR goals. Do with them what YOU please. If you don’t like my ideas, then do your own thing. I hope that no matter what you choose or don’t choose, you’re moving in a direction that makes you happy. 


“All right smarty pants, what are your goals?” you may be wondering. That’s a fair question. Let me preface by saying I’m an overachiever. I get anxious if I don’t have enough to do so please don’t compare your list to mine. I’m a crazy person. We’ve already talked about the planner situation. 

January Goals:

  1. Write 1 Screenplay - I have this scratch sheet of paper when I have an idea for a play or movie, and I’m starting to run out of room. I love writing, and I love storytelling. This year, I’m going to make it a priority and get my ideas on paper. I’m already 60 pages into January’s script. (Halfway there! If you don’t include the proofreading/editing)
  2. Write 2 Chapters in my novel - Again, lots of ideas, love writing. Need to put pen to paper. I’ll be honest, I got excited about my screenplay, and have not touched this one yet. I’ll have one chapter done by the 15th, and I’ll write the other one by end of the month.
  3. Workout (3x/week) - I’m starting to get stiff, and I hate it. I used to be more active, and then I graduated, and I fell into a slump of covers, Netflix, and chocolate. Also, I discovered the beauty of wine. Needless to say, I want to be more active. I want to be able to run a couple miles when I’m seventy, and if I can’t do it when I’m in my twenties then I’ve got a long road ahead. 
  4. Market my poetry book - Have you seen my poetry book, One Whole World? Check out my Books tab to get more info.  Also look out for a social media promo coming soon! 
  5. Meal Prep (1x/week) - I always forget how much I love to cook. I forget because I don’t really like food. If you ask me what I want to eat, I genuinely don’t know. I can be very picky, and here has been my diet for winter: Breakfast - granola bar and bananaLunch - Cup of coffee; Handfuls of Cheddar Bunnies; or whatever I could scavenge from the break room after a lunch meeting that thought they were feeding 5,000, and not the 50 or so members in attendance.Dinner - Can of soup; mug cakeThat is why meal prep is now a thing because I want to be more active, and you can’t run several miles off a handful of cheddar bunnies. You just can’t.
  6. Finish reading Letters to a Young Artist - I have had this book sitting on my shelf for way too long. I used to read all of the time, and I want to get back in the habit. This book is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend it! P.S. If you have any book recommendations, let a girl know.
  7. Blog (1x/week) - I like to give advice, and I like to share my thoughts. Hence why - blog. I feel like I don’t normally talk about myself very much (unless I consider you a very dear friend), and this way I’m learning to become more comfortable talking about me.

Much luck and love in the new year. Here’s a little #poemfromtheheart for you:


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