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more impassioned poems


In her second poetry novel, Glazier pens 100 poems broken up into a cycle of categories: Numb, Growth, Trust, and Harvest. This book is a definition of the past year and the years that came before. As it is a slice of life, this book contains some mature themes, but ultimately, a lot of human moments.

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one whole world

poems from the heart


There's so much hurt and hate in this world. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could finally come together as one? This book is my musings on life, a study of myself, and a glimpse into my soul. This is how I see the world--beautiful (if not a little broken). Through writing, I find myself, express myself, and learn to be unapologetically me. I hope these words also bring you light, love, and lessons. Let's work together to become more whole.